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At CMEC, we are passionate about making sure our inclusive community, cutting edge approach, and intentionally prepared environments nurture and promote compassionate, conscientious, and curious life-long learners. The Impact Fund directly enhances each of these areas by addressing our most pressing projects. These projects, such as the improvements made through past years’ campaigns including a new natural play space for our infants and toddlers, new data cabling, new phone system, equipping our gymnasium with updated lighting and a sound system, taking our teachers to the American Montessori conference in Washington DC, and enhanced safety features such as lighting, cameras, fencing and blinds, fall well outside our tuition budget. Your past contributions have made these much-needed improvements a reality. This year’s Impact Fund, more than ever, is important for the continued success of our school and our students during these unprecedented times. Your contribution empowers our students to change the world in ways big and small. The impact of your gift not only enhances the experiences of our students and families today but for many years to come. It doesn’t get more impactful than that.

Fund the Need

Founded in 1984, Columbus Montessori continues to be the premier provider of Montessori education to a diverse community of students ages six weeks to sixth grade in central Ohio. Each year, Columbus Montessori provides over $500,000 of financial assistance to families because we know that potential is not determined by zip code. 

Legacy Donors
Melody Steely & Steven Gussler
Diamond Donors
Sunny L. Munn & Demetrius Thomas on behalf of Joe Rocco
Platinum Donors
Peggy & Bill Fein
Lisa & Daniel Groff
Mel & Jacob Nott
Gold Donors
Janet Meltzer & Seth Becker
Missy & Steven Bedell in memory of Norma & Jack Hand
Ryan Richardson & Forrest Deegan
Dorothy & Joshua Dressler
Danielle & Russell Dunn
Sam King & Mike Emery
Andrea Fein
Kelly Sparks & Nick Gasbarro
Kendra & Eric Gussler
W.E. Davis Insurance Agency, Inc. - Libby & John Koetz
Jacqueline & Brent Lampert
Mary & Bill Lee
Jennifer & Greg Lestini
Vondolee Delgado-Nixon & Greg Nixon
Tara & David Parker
Bobbe & Tom Spink
Jamie Gottesman & Rick Teets
Christina & Anthony Theile
Susan Tomasky & Ron Ungvarsky
Karen Eisenbach & Dan Yee

Columbus Montessori Education Center


Columbus Montessori Education Center provides a unique education model that launches the potential of each student, empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.