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At CMEC, we are passionate about making sure our inclusive community, cutting edge approach, and intentionally prepared environments nurture and promote compassionate, conscientious, and curious life-long learners. The Impact Fund directly enhances each of these areas by addressing our most pressing projects. These projects, such as the improvements made through past years’ campaigns including a new natural play space for our infants and toddlers, new data cabling, new phone system, equipping our gymnasium with updated lighting and a sound system, taking our teachers to the American Montessori conference in Washington DC, and enhanced safety features such as lighting, cameras, fencing and blinds, fall well outside our tuition budget. Your past contributions have made these much-needed improvements a reality. This year’s Impact Fund, more than ever, is important for the continued success of our school and our students during these unprecedented times. Your contribution empowers our students to change the world in ways big and small. The impact of your gift not only enhances the experiences of our students and families today but for many years to come. It doesn’t get more impactful than that.

Fund the Need

Founded in 1984, Columbus Montessori continues to be the premier provider of Montessori education to a diverse community of students ages six weeks to sixth grade in central Ohio. Each year, Columbus Montessori provides over $500,000 of financial assistance to families because we know that potential is not determined by zip code.

CMEC Fund the Need Event
Saturday, May 6th at 6:00pm
The Grand Event Center
For the first time since 2019, we will be gathering to celebrate our school and fundraise in person for Fund the Need. Funds raised through Fund the Need are put toward student scholarships and financial assistance supporting our mission of providing an authentic Montessori education to a diverse community of learners. We can't wait to celebrate with you, our alum families, and our community partners.

To become a sponsor or purchase tickets for the event, go to

For any questions or inquire about how to get involved with Fund the Need, reach out to Development Chair Mary Malphurs at to join the fun!

Legacy Level
Melody Steely & Steven Gussler
Diamond Level
Shirley Cornely
Platinum Level
Margaret Fein
Danielle Demko & Aman Garcha
Mel & Jacob Nott
Amanda Crabtree & Andrew Stamp
Gold Level
Tenzin & Jonathan Alexander
Jill & Brian Aubert
Janet Meltzer & Seth Becker
Ryan Richardson & Forrest Deegan
Sarah Eads
Kelly Sparks & Nick Gasbarro
Lisa & Daniel Groff
Kendra & Eric Gussler
Joanna & Ryan Helon
Linda & Frank Kass
Mary & Bill Lee
Jennifer & Greg Lestini
Becky & Greg McCarthy
Tara & David Parker
Sarah Fortin & Michael Pione
Bobbe Spink
Nick Weitzel & Chris Streeter
Jamie Gottesman & Rick Teets
Alicia & Brian Vereb
W.E. Davis Insurance Agency, Inc.
Amanda Weiss-Meloy

Silver Level
Virgil Alexander, Jr.
Jenn Mrozek & Greg Buzzell
Sam King & Mike Emery
Robyn Spink & Michael Handschuh
Julianne & Steve Huefner
Petra Vokata & Mika Jukakoski
Rekha & Arvind Kohli
Jacqueline & Brent Lampert
Judy Huang & John Lewis
Smita Makshagundam & Matt Neugebauer
Vondolee Delgado-Nixon & Greg Nixon
Hilary & Mac Price
Diane Meves & Paul Rothrock
Elspeth Paige-Sack & Jeffrey Sack
Sunny Munn & Demetrius Thomas
2 Anonymous Donors

Bronze Level
Breann & David Almos
Ted Brown
Colleen Koehler & Matthew Campbell
Duan Cannon
Robin Koehler & Brian Cantor
Pam & Eric Cole
Katie & Brian Conley
Andrew Corris
Jody & Kent Finley
Mitali Pakvasa & Pritesh Kumar
Elizabeth Young & Wayne Lin
Mary & Kevin Malphurs
Rebecca & Clint McCoy
Susan Miller
Monét Obree, llc.
Linda & George Neugebauer
Barbara Northrup
Danielle Raglin
Ashley Parriman & John Reichard
Leslie Guzman & Heribertos Rios
Andria & Aaron Searles
Fox, Marigold, Miller, & Wallis Spencer
Adrianna & Victor Udinwe
Sheila Williams
Monique & Bryan Winbush
1 Anonymous Donor

Friend Level
Zahara & Mohammed Adem
Sarah & Patrick Ahern
Jianqing Li & Peter Choi
Elizabeth Curry
Erin & David Faulkner
Roudabeh Izadi & Todd Freeman
Katie & Tom Gillies
Sudipti Gupta
Hannah Gussler
Joanne Menke & Larry Hambrick
Madeline & Levi Hamilton
Hap Hinkle
Rachel Janutis & Vince Holzhall
Kathryn Comella & Andrew Janitzki
Dorcas & Jermaine Jones
Netsanet Kifue
Assata Omowale & Richard King
Kelly Ruoff & Patrick King
Lexie & Trip Lazarus
Deb & Lauren Markley
Hillary & Merin McCarthy
The Muse Family
Jaclyn & Ken Oostman
Nikki & Tony Ott
Rick Richardson
William Scott
Mary Alice Shade
Ashley & Sean Socha
Ann Boston Timm & Brian Timm
Jennifer & Toby Tomlin
Debi Lee & Nick Tran
Beth & Bryan Trapp
Sue Tuza
Jennifer & Sean Walton
Felice Wilson
Ayana Young
3 Anonymous Donors

Panda Level
Courtney & Sean Anthony
Hannah & Paden Brobst
Katie & Todd Burger
Barb Callahan
Dale & Chris Daniel
Kristen Cooperkline & Doc Davis
Vicki & Tony Diller
Brittany & Justin Grote
Shoba Belegundu & Tyler Gutkoski
Kristin Wehrmann & Brad Holland
Kelsey & Seamus Jackson
Christal & Silvian Jeyabalan
Jemimah Robbs & Peter Lohmann
Mona Vaja & Mehul Makwana
Cristina Cardenas & Andrew McCabe
Jennifer McDonnell
Nolan Nelson
Jackson Nixon
D'Shondra & Rick Ransier
Bethanie Rhodes
Nick Rudzevich
Molly & Ian Shaw
Nasim Mullen & William Silva
Bethany St. John
DeLois & Dimitri Teague
Ashley Watson
Marcella Williams
Emily & Vince Withers
Crystal Lappie & Abe Zawodni
4 Anonymous Donors

Support Level
Mindy Tullius & Blake Bachman
Chrystal Brooks
Danielle Brown
Julie & Brendan Chambers
Maurine Claver
Melissa Claver
Amanda & Robert Connor III
Debbie Ogle & Sam Dunlap
Lainie Eichner
Amanda & Justin Evans
Christian Family
Betty Blockinger & Eric Feingold
Rachel Friend
Stephanie & Harry Heald
Eleanor Shaw & Eric Heppner
Jennifer Hoskins
Candice Hunter
Keri Hershberber & Lee Keasal
Khushboo Kabra & Amit Lahoti
Natalie Wise & Nick Muccio
Ian Murphy
Natalie & Joshua O'Brien
Carolyn Thurman & Patrick Powell
Elizabeth & Niles Riddel
Kathleen Roller
Regiane Schigner
Marie & Clark Siddle
Kate & Justin Smith
Kerry & Brent Soller
Laura & Brian Stone
Chioma U-Aniekan
Michelle & Doug Ward
Jaclyn Zeman
1 Anonymous Donor

Maria Montessori Sponsors
Steely Law Offices
Champion Sponsors
Oakstone Financial Management, LLC
Supporting Sponsors
Libby & John Koetz
Jamie Gottesman & Rick Teets

Patron Sponsors
Sarah & Patrick Ahern
Sarah Eads
Ryan Richardson & Forrest Deegan
Kelly Sparks & Nick Gasbarro
Jennifer & Greg Lestini
D'Shondra & Rick Ransier
Bobbe & Tom Spink

Friend Sponsors
Joanna & Ryan Helon

Individual Patron Sponsors
Breann & David Almos
Jack Buttler
Colleen Koehler & Matthew Campbell
Sam King & Mike Emery
Sabrina & James Jamison
Mary & Kevin Malphurs
Sunny Munn & Demetrius Thomas

Alicia & Brian Vereb

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Columbus Montessori Education Center provides a unique education model that launches the potential of each student, empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.