About CMEC

Message from Executive Director

My name is Jamie Gottesman and I have the honor and privilege of leading Columbus Montessori Education Center or CMEC as we say around here.  I am in my eighth year and I am just as excited to be a part of this amazing community as I was on day one.    

We are thrilled to share our school with you. We are a high-impact inclusive organization; a catalyst for social good in our community since 1984.  We still live out that mission every day:  believing in the potential of all children, offering families an innovative educational choice, and providing a learning environment that is diverse by design.  

Like Dr. Maria Montessori and our founders there is intention in everything we do. We are rooted in the Montessori method.  A scientific approach validated by research and just as forward facing today as it was 120 years ago. We are committed to educational excellence; aiming high so we can all achieve our personal best.  We are committed to being Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist in our culture, policies, and programs. We stand with others recognizing that perspective building is a complex process worthy of the effort. We are committed to cultivating purpose in our students empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.
At Columbus Montessori we have a different idea for what a school can be.  We invite you to visit so you can feel the CMEC difference too.
Jamie Gottesman

Columbus Montessori Education Center


Columbus Montessori Education Center provides a unique education model that launches the potential of each student, empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.