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Message from Founders Linda Neugebauer and Mary Lee

June 25, 2021

Our story started in 7th grade as best friends, who graduated from Ohio State as educators, married husbands, Bill and George who were ‘insurance guys’, raised our children, and are now ‘grammys’ to 9 grandchildren.  Throughout the years, we have shared a passion for wanting the best possible outcomes for our children and grandchildren, all of whom attended Montessori schools.

Knowing the value of a Montessori program, and how it supported the growth and development of our own children, in 1984, we established Columbus Montessori in the hope of giving other children what we had wanted for ours.

Incredibly to us, as of 2021, Columbus Montessori has offered its programs to over 3,500 children!  Who knew??  Although we didn’t initially have an ambitious plan for growth, we did have an uncompromising vision of creating the best possible comprehensive Montessori education program in a diverse community that celebrated the uniqueness of each child.

And we are equally gratified to know that the Montessori Teacher Education Program we established credentialed many adults in Ohio and neighboring states. These teachers brought this philosophy to their classrooms, touching the lives of many more children.

We are thrilled to know that Columbus Montessori has remained true to its founding values as it grew to its current size and scope.  Even more amazing for Linda and husband George is having their last grandchild ‘graduate’ from CMEC kindergarten in May 2021, after experiencing five wonderful years at the school.  She is SO very ready for first grade and life!  Knowing that and knowing how the school supported her and her parents, is such an unexpected gift we could not have anticipated in 1984.  And of course, Mary and Bill, as Godparents to her father, celebrate that too, for they are after all her great God parents!

We write this while together as we reminisce on what an incredible adventure we have had over the years, and how very fortunate we were to have had the opportunity to establish the school and see its benefits to children and families.  To all of you who read this message, please continue to advocate for the highest quality programs for ALL children.  It should be every child’s birthright!

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