#1 Highly Qualified Teachers

Highly qualified:  Our elementary team is highly qualified. All lead teachers are either Montessori credentialed, state licensed or both; many have advanced degrees. This means they are highly skilled in implementing the Montessori method and a 21st century curriculum. They have the expertise and knowledge to provide the curricular experiences your child needs to be successful in both school and life.  
Nurturing and kind:  Our teachers are special. They recognize that children are highly influenced by the emotional climate of their environment. They know that the tone of their voice, their facial expressions, and the messages they give are impactful. They are aware of the power of identity and cultural messages recognizing that everything they do gives your child a message regarding how they should feel about themselves. Your child’s emotional experiences affect their personal health, well-being, and their learning readiness. 
Power of observation:  Our teachers are always watching, observing, and documenting; sometimes informally and sometimes formally to establish individual learning goals for your child. We utilize a developmental screener to better understand where your child is developmentally and share this with you. We use all this information to guide and adjust what materials and experiences are necessary to promote your child’s optimal growth. This information is readily available to you in real-time through our use of Transparent Classroom, an electronic portfolio that documents your child’s progress over time. 

Columbus Montessori Education Center


Columbus Montessori Education Center provides a unique education model that launches the potential of each student, empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.