#4 Student Directed Work

"Love of learning more predictive of success than grades"
-The Atlantic 
Learn to Learn:  Mastery learning, lifelong learners, learner driven, 
Learn to Do:  project based, hands-on, freedom of movement, learning by doing 
Learn to Be:  character, social justice, personhood, 
4C’s – communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity 
Experiential, student centered, personalized, 
Follow the child and choice:  Children are active, self-motivated learners. Core principles of the Montessori method are that children make individual choices and teachers follow the child and offer the least amount of help needed in the process. We leverage children’s intrinsic motivation by helping them learn how to learn so they can develop a life-long love of learning. A hallmark of a Montessori education. 
Independence, autonomy, and social responsibility: Everything we do from day one is to support your child’s independence while being part of a community - their right to choose to work with others or alone (autonomy), to value others uniqueness, and learn peaceful resolution strategies. These are powerful attributes that are often underscored in a world focused on grades and competition. Our children become strong academically but just as important they are prepared to be global citizens. 

Columbus Montessori Education Center


Columbus Montessori Education Center provides a unique education model that launches the potential of each student, empowering them to change the world in ways big and small.